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On this page, you can access some of the video materials we have published.  The full selection is on our YouTube channel.



During the COVID19 crisis, our Managing Director, Jason Perry has been holding a series of question and answer sessions to help address any concerns you might have on the crisis.  You can tune in each week via our Facebook page on Saturday at 11am.  You can access the previous weeks interviews below.

Saturday 18th April 2020
In his second interview, Jason answers your questions addressing questions including:
1. Are you eligble to furlough
2. How to deal with social distancing at work
3. Should you self isolate

Saturday 11th April 2020
In the first of our ASL Live interviews, Jason explains how the furlough scheme works, when and how CoronaVirus SSP will be paid and what the governement shield program is about.  He then answers your questions including:
1. Are workers on zero hours contracts eligible for furlough?

2. Can you have a second job when furloughed?
3. How long can you be furloughed for?
4. Can you ask to be furloughed for health reasons?
5. Can you refuse to be furloughed?
6. Can you still do any work for your employer when on furlough leave?
7. Can I choose to stay at home to protect a shielded family member?
8. Can you choose to be on the shield list?