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For Candidates

It’s About Opportunities

Every one of us has at some time sought a new job.  Our role is to understand your skills, aspirations and career desires.  Then we can support and guide you through the process, finding the right job opportunities, providing advice and assistance, to take you to the next step in your career.

At ASL, we will insist on meeting you personally.  It is not about a cosy five minute chat.  We like to spend time getting to know you.  We will not simply send you for any vacancy that matches your CV, but will take the time to understand more about you, your skills, and where you want to go in life.  By taking the same level of care with our clients, we can send you for the right opportunities more often.

Where appropriate, we will ask you to complete further assessments – for example, a skills or personality questionnaire.  We might ask you to meet us again regarding a particular job opportunity.  We care about getting recruitment decisions right – and will spend the time required to achieve this.

What Can You Do?

Keep in regular contact with ASL.  Let us know how you are getting on in your own search for employment.  We do not want to be sending you for jobs for which you have already applied.  For our part, we will call you if any vacancies arise that might suit you – we will do this personally, and via our website if you have selected to receive our e-mail JobAlert.

What Next? 

To register with us contact your local branch or register online.

CV Advice?

For help and guidance with preparing your CV, visit our CV advice section.