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BBC Highlights importance of recruiters interaction with Job Centre Plus

Kevin Green, the REC's Chief Executive appeared on national BBC television and radio today (Tuesday) to highlight the importance of the recruitment industry in working with Jobcentre Plus at a time when cuts are being made to a  number of its branches.   The REC has worked constructively with Jobcentre Plus over a number of years which has resulted tangible initiatives such as the Diversity Pledge. As well as this strategic level work, there are also a number of examples of practical co-operation on a local level between REC members and Jobcentre branches. It is now recognised that private agencies provide 40 per cent of all the roles that Jobcentres offer. Kevin stressed the close relationship between the public sector and the private sector recruitment industry in ensuring the continuing co-operation between the two so that jobseekers did not lose out and were aware of the alternative ways of finding jobs. He emphasised that recruitment agencies were there to assist employers find suitable candidates for their vacancies especially as some were reluctant to use Jobcentres when looking for skilled staff. Jobcentres have a key role to play "particularly in supporting those jobseekers, who were not sufficiently prepared to return to the jobs market", he said. Kevin was interviewed on BBC Breakfast News by Declan Curry. He was also interviewed on BBC Radio Four's 'Today' programme and BBC Radio Five Live's 'Wake Up To Money'.   In the radio interviews, Kevin also stressed the importance of the Department for Work and Pensions commissioning strategy and the critical role that private sector agencies should play in getting people off benefit and back into work. The REC has continued to take forward a pro-active media strategy to raise the profile of the industry and to promote the views and concerns of members.