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The ASL Difference


ASL is different to any other recruitment agency on the high street. We work hard to maintain our position as a trusted partner to our clients, providing high-quality temporary and permanent recruitment services, as well as HR and recruitment guidance for business owners. For us, it’s not enough to place a candidate and fill a role: it has to be the right person for your business – because people make the difference . 

Understanding Your Needs

Your business is unique to you and the people working in your business are part of what makes it unique. Staff members are more than just a specific skill set – they represent your brand. Finding the right person for a role also means finding the candidate who represents a cultural fit, someone whose ethos aligns with your own, and who can add their own flair to your ‘secret sauce’.


How We Can Help You

Tell us all about your business, how it operates, what your brand represents, what you are trying to achieve. What is your current team like, what does the vacant role need, what personality mix do you have? We ask a lot of questions so we can get a clear understanding of what your business is like and what you need your next hire to do. By gaining this understanding, we can deliver the high standard of candidate matching our clients have come to expect and although we do offer a rebate assurance of up to nine months (one of the most impressive in the industry!) we do this in the knowledge our clients have seldom had cause to use it. We have a solid record of helping clients find great employees who help push their business forward. We’d like to do the same for your business too.


Our Approach

We provide a truly consultative approach to recruitment, working hand in hand with clients and candidates providing advice and support on a variety of employment matters. These include career development and training, recruitment and selection, and we also can provide assessment testing and advice on market trends.

We are open about how we work, always agreeing from the outset the most appropriate techniques and advising on costs. This holds true with every project, whether we are providing a fully managed recruitment campaign, handling an HR consultancy project, or simply providing temporary staff.

We’re rooting for your success and would love to help you source people who make the difference .