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Looking for Work – How You Can Make The Difference

Looking for Work – How You Can Make The Difference
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Businesses are slowly getting back to the point of opening up and resuming normal services again but it’s still a tough market to get a job in. If you are one of the people whose previous job has been the victim of the Coronavirus lockdown, one route back into employment is to seek out temporary assignments. They give you additional experience and crucially, may turn into permanent positions.  

The temporary sector is making a better recovery than the permanent sector, likely in part due to the non-committal nature of ‘temp’ stints. Temporary work allows employers to try a worker in a specific role and it also gives you the option to try out the role to see if you like it. Additionally, you get to see how the company operates from the inside, so you can determine if it is some where you would like to stay. Temporary work can also give you experience of a wider variety of roles and industries, introducing you to possibilities you may not have previously considered. Many temporary roles turn into permanent positions – for the right people.

All round, temp work is a solid action plan for getting back into work but competition for the contracts is fierce. The uncertainty and volatility of the current economy means employers are being stricter than ever about their criteria and many will use the temporary contract as an on-the-job extended interview. So, what can you do to increase your chances of finding a temporary role – and keeping it?

Communicate! Might sound obvious but check in with your agency and let them know you are available and ready to work. Make sure your details are current so they can get hold of you.

Network! Go through your contacts list, on your phone, on social media, and look out any contacts who may be able to help. Call them, find out how they are doing, and (as long as they’re doing alright!) ask if they have heard of any opportunities.

Update LinkedIn. This social media platform has seen an explosion in its regular user numbers since lockdown was imposed in March. Make sure your profile is up to date, filled out to ‘All Star’ status. Write articles on the Publisher platform inside LinkedIn to showcase your knowledge and abilities. Post regularly and take an interest in what your contemporaries are posting about. Use the new ‘Open to Work’ feature and be notified whenever positions are advertised that match your skills.

Turn up! Once you’ve secured a temporary position, remember 100% reliability is paramount. The most reliable temps will always be the ones who are offered a contract first. The client is relying on the agency to provide staff for a critical part of their business. In turn, the agency is relying on you to fulfil that role. Don’t let them down.

Bring the right attitude. Adopt a ‘can-do’, team player attitude. Getting along with your co-workers, being agreeable with your line managers, flexible (within reason) with your duties and schedule, and helping those around you achieve their goals and targets will significantly increase the likelihood of the position running smoothly – and of keeping you in it!

Have the right mindset. You don’t know yet if this role is going to be the right one for you or if the company suits you, so it’s important to leave your options open. Go in with the same commitment you would if it was a full-time, permanent position. Far better to be able to turn the offer of permanent work down, than to have been too blasé to start with and lose the opportunity.

Develop relationships. Your colleagues could be crucial to your success. They will have a good idea where the skills gaps are within the company and they will know the right person to introduce you to. Ask them to be your ambassador and put in a good word on your behalf. If not, introduce yourself. It is essential you are visible and the decision makers know who you are and what you are contributing.

Take an interest. Show an interest in the company. Be the one who goes the extra mile. Anticipate what the role needs rather than passively filling the space. If you can think of ways to streamline a process or perform a duty in a way that saves time and money, then suggest it to your line manager. Employers are always on the lookout for employees with a proactive nature. At ASL, we say, “people make the difference”. There’s never been a better time for you to show the employer just how you can make the difference to their business.


ASL Recruitment was established in 1999 and has been serving Hastings and the surrounding area ever since placing temporary and permanent roles across a variety of sectors including Industrial and Manufacturing, Legal, Finance, Marketing, Technology and Office Support, from junior up to board level. Our co-founder and Managing Director, Jason Perry is a HR specialist and a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. For further information on our recruitment or consultancy services, email [email protected] or call us on 01424 452999.