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We Want to Help You Stay Healthy!

We Want to Help You Stay Healthy!
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A healthy mind and body make all the difference in how much enjoyment we get from life. Our Worker's Rewards Scheme gives our temporary workers access to discounts, cashback and savings on a range of products and services, including healthcare, dental care, gyms, sportswear and equipment, and so much more. Just ask our office team - they love it!

Health is everything. Without it, life is difficult; work is sometimes impossible. Ill health affects not only the person afflicted but also everyone around them. But it’s not only active disease that impacts life: fitness and mental wellness also play significant roles. That’s why, with ASL Recruitment’s Worker’s Rewards Scheme, we can help keep you fitter and healthier!

There is a wealth of information about how exercise improves mental health. Physical activity can help with managing stress, improving sleep, mood, and confidence, help with memory and brain function and for managing the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Our Worker’s Rewards Scheme partners with Incorpore, the health club company that gives members unparalleled access to a network of over 2,500 quality local gyms and national brands on your behalf. This provides you with a variety of gyms to choose from in your local area. Each gym extends the best available current deal to you on the day. Judging by recent research, the average saving is usually around 17% on standard club fees. Some of the less traditional styles of classes are signed up, such as British Military Fitness, an outdoor exercise club, and we have a lot of the big names on board, too, including Virgin Active, David Lloyd, Nuffield Health, LA Fitness, and Fitness First. And if there’s a gym you want to join and they’re not on the list, you can refer them! 

Even if you’re already a member at a gym, you may be able to transfer your membership, and if your partner wants to join, they will also benefit from this arrangement! 

If you prefer to work out in the comfort of your own home and for free, sign up to Fitness Blender and get access to over 650 videos with workouts ranging from Core and Cardio to HIIT and yoga. In addition to club memberships, our Worker Reward Scheme has partners offering discounts on sportswear and equipment, outdoor clothing and supplies, vitamin supplements, nutrition products and snacks. Fancy a Fitbit or something from Garmin? They’re signed up too. It even offers savings on healthcare and dental plans, as well as eye tests and glasses; plus, we have chemists on board and a wealth of articles, tips, and tests to support your well-being.

We know mental health is a big concern, especially given the pressures and stresses of modern life. Our wellness section offers a free course in Mindfulness and access to free impartial money management and debt management advice. We’re also signed up to BHSF, giving temporary workers free access 24/7, 365 days per year to a private GP via phone or video, plus counselling sessions to help with overwhelming personal issues. 

We believe "people make the difference" and value the commitment our temporary workers make to us and the companies we place them into. We hope to show how much we appreciate your contribution by looking after our workers. Our Worker’s Rewards Scheme delivers our ‘temps’ the same access to rewards as is usually only available to permanent staff. Our team in the office are all part of the same scheme – and they are feeling the benefit! We hope you will, too and that you’ll make the most of it.  

The Worker’s Rewards Scheme is open to all ASL’s temporary workers from the day they start working through us. The Scheme provides a range of benefits, including cashback, discounts, and savings on everyday items such as food shopping and utilities, through to luxuries such as holidays, car hire, and eating out. You can find out more about it here.

ASL Recruitment was established in 1999 and has served Hastings and the surrounding area ever since, placing temporary and permanent roles across various sectors, including Industrial and Manufacturing, Legal, Finance, Marketing, Technology and Office Support, from junior to board level. Our co-founder and Managing Director,  Jason Perry , is an HR specialist and a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.