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Refer A Friend And We'll Say Thank You With £50!

Refer A Friend And We'll Say Thank You With £50!
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Managing Director

Our best candidates usually come from referrals!

Recruitment is a people business, and we believe 'people make the difference'. So, we've introduced a 'Recommend a Friend' scheme where we will say 'thank you' with £50 for each recommendation we subsequently place into temporary or permanent work. 

The function of a recruitment agency is to help companies find the right person or people for the vacancies they have and to help people find the job that is right for them at this point in their lives and careers. It’s a constant flow, and we’re always looking to help more people and businesses.

We do find the right jobs for people, and if you’re already a temporary worker through us, or if we’ve already placed you in a permanent role, then you will know that. Hopefully, you’ll also have found our team helpful, professional, and efficient! If you’ve already registered with us, you’ll appreciate there’s more to the process than simply filling out an application form, proving your identity and evidence of your right to work in the UK, and then being sent off to a job. You’ll also know, technology-wise, we’ve invested a lot of time and money into making registration with us easier through our online portal, where you can also update your requirements, contact details, qualifications, etc., 24 hours a day, every day of the year, whether we’re open or not. If you’re one of our temporary workers, you’ll also know it’s easy to download current and past copies of your payslips and to get your timesheet signed electronically without having to worry about taking a physical piece of paper to your line manager and then posting or bringing it back into us.

If you’re already temping through us, you’ll also know we give you your holiday pay separately rather than rolled up in your weekly pay, so you receive pay whilst you’re on your break, making it much easier to manage your cash flow. You will also know about our extensive Worker’s Rewards Scheme, which gives you access to discounts at hundreds of stores online and on the high street, including nearly all the major supermarkets, as well as discounts and cashback on holidays and car hire, coffee, and clothing, and so much more. The scheme also provides 24/7 access to a GP helpline, and you can organise a video conference with a GP if you need to, plus access to mental health professionals, debt advice, finance management, and so much more. You’ll know that being a temp with ASL feels very different to being a temporary worker anywhere else. That’s the ASL difference; we believe people make the difference to an organisation. People like you.

If you’ve registered with us to find permanent work, then you’ll also have experienced our in-depth interview process, where we’ve taken the time for a deep dive into what you’ve done previously, what your hard and soft skill sets are, and what you’re really looking for in your next role. We know having a job you love makes a huge difference to your happiness and well-being and that the right job involves more than the actual role: the location, environment, the team, and the company culture all have a part to play in whether a role is right for you.

You may have experienced our video interview arrangement in which we interview you on behalf of a client, saving you time on travelling to the location. You’ll have experienced how we keep our candidates up to date on the progress of their application and may well have kept yourself up to date through our online portal.

Put simply, if you’re registered with us and value how we work, your friends are probably people we would like to work with, too. If we place your friend into a permanent role or a temporary role, we’ll say thank you to you with £50. There is no limit to how many people you can introduce to us, so if you have a friend, family member or acquaintance looking for a role and who you feel would like to experience the ASL difference, please refer them to us.

Just remember to ask them first!

Find out more information in the Candidate Hub  section of our website and fill out the form here

Thank you for all your continued hard work and for being part of the ASL team.

ASL Recruitment was established in 1999 and has served Hastings and the surrounding area ever since, placing temporary and permanent roles across various sectors, including Industrial and Manufacturing, Legal, Finance, Marketing, Technology and Office Support, from junior to board level. Our co-founder and Managing Director, Jason Perry , is an HR specialist and a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.